You Are More Than You've Been Told

In my latest book review, "You Are More Than You've Been Told" by Hosanna Wong you'll discover it's not just a book – it's a reality check on life with a sprinkling of divine wisdom. As I turned the pages, it was as if each chapter was a flashlight to the dark corners of your mind, the ultimate weed-pulling guide to help you remove the 'I'm not good enough' lies that have been cultivating in the garden of your mind for far too many years.

Let's get real: we've all been haunted by the voices of our past, like that time a teacher of mine thought that telling me I wasn't that smart wouldn't impact me for years to come, or those lovely individuals who made me question why my hips couldn't just hop into a size 6 jeans. But guess what? Hosanna Wong is here to drop some truth bombs: those voices don't define us any longer, and it's time we threw them a farewell party!

As Wong brilliantly puts it, feeling unworthy or like a failure isn't just some pity party – it's a self-fulfilling prophecy we're continually speaking into our life. The problem with living in this mindset is we become what we think and say about ourself.

It's time to flip the coin.

"Hello, I'm Chosen by God!" might not be the opening line you'd use at a networking event, but it's the name you need to start embracing. Imagine entering into a room and introducing yourself as someone handpicked by God whom He loves with an everlasting love. The book asks the million-dollar question: What name are you answering to? If your answer is "Unloved," then girl, it's time to rip that name tag off and slap on a shiny new one: "Loved Beyond Measure." And if you're thinking, "But I've always been a failure," it's time to upgrade that name to "Victory in Progress."

If you haven't figure this out by now, you're going to want to grab a box of Kleenex, because it's about to get emotional the farther you head into this book.

If you've been using your couch as a personal pity party venue, it's time to roll up your sleeves and join the fight. Life's too short to let those past voices determine your future. So, chin up, gloves on, and let's take back the life that's rightfully ours. Just remember, you're not alone on this journey.

So, my friends, go grab this book and sign up to win a free copy of this book as you start discovering the power of your new name. Unleash your inner "Chosen by God, Greatly loved, Free," name tag and start becoming everything God dreamed of the day He created you.

Chosen by God,

Tracee P.