Midlife Battle Cry

Let me tell you, hitting year #3 after your 50th birthday is like getting smacked in the face with a tortilla! If you've seen the reels on Instagram of people slapping each other with tortillas, you'll get what I'm talking about. But fear not, fellow adventurers in aging, I was invited to review this book from Frontage Media that totally had me saying, "Oh yeah, sign me up!"

Dawn Barton, the author, totally gets us - the identity crisis, the feeling that mid-life is the end of everything good (especially metabolism and sleep), and the sneaking suspicion that God might be considering early retirement from our lives! I mean, who needs beauty sleep when you can have "hot flash hours" to ponder the mysteries of the universe, right? Insert eye roll here.

Sadly, my copy of this midlife manifesto went AWOL in the Bermuda Triangle of airports during my recent Nashville trip for work and seeing my son. I'm just hoping some other fabulous 50-something gal found it in the backseat of a plane and is now enjoying all its midlife wonders. However, before the airport heist, I managed to devour half the book and oh how I loved it.

While some guys may chase sports cars like squirrels on caffeine by the time they hit our age, we fearless females are out there shopping for Spanx like they're going out of style - all in the name of fighting the relentless sag! Let me tell you, everything went south at 50! And for those blessed with a never-ending Bo Derek shape, I applaud you! But for the rest of us mere mortals, we're just doing our best to embrace the ravages of menopause and gravity, one stretchy undergarment at a time. The struggle is real, ladies!

But seriously, what really hit home with this author is how she calls out society's lies about us being past our prime. I mean, c'mon, we're not done yet! Sure, we may creak when we walk, and we've got wrinkles that seem to pop up overnight like garden gnomes, but we're not ready to retire to the rocking chair just yet! We've got dreams to chase, no matter how many times we forget what we were chasing in the first place. Memory lapses, hot flashes, and all, we're still living life!

Dawn Barton's book come with a comedic goldmine! She shares some hilarious real-life stories that'll have you snorting with laughter, all while reminding us that God's got a whole new chapter waiting for us, even in the midlife mayhem. It's like a comedic rollercoaster ride through midlife madness, and it's giving me hope at 52 and counting!

So, if you're peering into the midlife abyss, wondering what's next, do yourself a favor and grab this book ASAP! Join the fabulous tribe of midlife warriors, standing tall and declaring, "Yes! God's got more for me, and I'm ready to grab life by the Spanx!" Laughter, wisdom, and God's empowerment await you, my midlife sisters in Christ! Let's do this!

A little added perk when you purchase this book is you'll receive a free digital book club kit that's available on Dawn's website.

Few fun facts about Dawn:

  • She is an ECPA bestselling author.

  • She formerly worked with MaryKay.

  • She worked for a pickle company...who knew? My youngest son would've thought she was the coolest mom on the planet!

Welcome to Fiddy!

Tracee P.